Unsalted Butter

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Fat – min. 82% Moisture – max. 16% pH – 6,3-6,9
  • Type: Unsalted Butter
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The name butter is reserved for products without vegetable fat admixtures with a specific milk fat content – at least 82% (not more than 16% water and 2% dry non-fat milk). It is made in the process of churning fresh or fermented cream or milk in a special machine, to break the membranes of fat globules and in that way separate the butterfat from the buttermilk.


The final product is a dense, smooth body of yellow color and a typical smell.



Unsalted Butter has many functional properties such as a great texture and rich taste that are very useful for the baking and confectionery industry. It allows the good development of high-quality pastry.


Moreover, it is perfect for the laminated process and high-pressure conditions during production. Thus, it can be a great ingredient in the production of pastries, biscuits, croissants, and other baked products. Butter is also homogeneous and cohesive making it a great addition to soups, meats, and ready-cooked meals.



Technical aspects

Butter has a characteristic flavor and serves as an aroma enhancer and taste carrier. In baked goods, butter is used to produce a flaky and crispy texture. The product is also rich in vitamins A, D, K.


Physio-chemical analysis

Fat – min. 82%

Moisture – max. 16%

pH – 6,3-6,9


Shelf life

Fresh butter has a shelf life of 50 days from the date of the production if stored at the temperature between 0°C and 10°C, 2 months if stored at the temperature of -10°C, and 12 months if stored at the temperature of -18°C.


Packaging & transportation

This product is available in 25 kg blocks or cubes.

Implemented only means of transport that are dry, clean, free from foreign smells and pests, under refrigeration at a temperature between 0°C – 10°C.

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