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The creaminess of real dairy milk but with 38% less fat than whole milk UHT milk is 100% Grade A milk that has absolutely no preservatives in it and tastes just as fresh as your regular milk
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UHT milk is produced by heating milk to around 140ᵒC for 2-5 seconds in order to sterilize the product and eradicate bacterial growth which causes the milk to spoil.


UHT Milk Applications

Milk is the base-line product for the majority of dairy segments. Depending on the process, it is used in the production of yogurts, butters, cheeses, creams, and many more.


UHT Milk Technical aspects

Such high temperature treatment extends shelf life of the product with less chemical intervention than the other lower-temperature processes. This allows us to obtain a higher-quality end product.  The UHT process is also cost-efficient and enables us to save energy.


There is a range of methods for UHT treatments using steam or water, as well as electro-heating, each method having a different heating time.


Shelf life

Depending on the method and temperature of pasteurization, milk has variable shelf life of up to 9 months.


Packaging and transportation

The product should be stored in sterilized containers without access to light, preferably in opaque plastic or cartons.

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